Our programs of study prepares students for many careers in the computer industry.

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The CIS department offers 3 majors, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Software Engineering.

Information Technology

In the Information Technology program, students learn both in the classroom and in hands-on laboratories. They gain the experience they need to design, build, and deploy dynamic software systems, administer scalable and secure data networks and telecommunication infrastructures, and provide solutions to complex problems affecting almost all aspects of daily life. Students in this program develop the technical savvy necessary to interact with software developers at a detailed level, while at the same time recognizing the big-picture business viewpoint and how to communicate with all colleagues and departments within an organization.

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Software Engineering

Software engineering is a fast-growing occupation with a high salary potential. From computer operating systems to video games, mobile devices to embedded systems, the majority of the products we rely on today are supported by software. At VTC, students in this dynamic program prepare for careers as software developers and programmers. Students are introduced to the entire software development life cycle, including requirements, design, coding, testing, and deployment in a rigorous, hands-on, programming intensive experience. Students master computer programming, website design, networking and system development and administration and take part in semester-long major projects in years two and three as well as a capstone project in year four.

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Computer Engineering

Many employers today require a broad base of skills spanning both programming and electronics. Computer Engineering Technology provides that background. Students are grounded in a fundamental engineering education in technical math, programming, calculus and physics. From there students are taken to higher levels in programming, microprocessors and digital electronic systems. Most technical courses consist of three hours lecture and three hours laboratory session per week. Computer engineers will share lectures and laboratories with their counterparts in electrical and software engineering.

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Our Academic Program at a Glance...

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the best paying, fastest growing jobs require a degree in a computing field. Vermont Tech’s three Computer & IT Sciences degree programs are designed to prepare students to excel in this dynamic sector. Students in the Software Engineering program learn to apply the tools and techniques of software development to a variety of modern software environments. Information Technology students prepare to solve the information and computing problems faced by all organizations by developing a mixture of software and business skills. Computer Engineering Technology students develop an understanding and working knowledge of both computer hardware and software, allowing graduates to relate to both programmers and hardware engineers.