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Updates to the CIS Web Site

It has been a while since the CIS web site has been updated with fresh content. Since I have some time this semester, I’ve taken on the task of doing just that. In addition to updating and cleaning up the user interface and style, I plan to add updated information, pictures, and other materials as […]

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Open Watcom in the Classroom

I’ve been using Open Watcom in the Williston section of Computer Organization this semester. Although the interface to the compiler is relatively old fashion I think it makes a good choice for a course like Computer Organization. There is value in having students prepare their programs using a simple text editor, type compilation commands manually […]

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OpenCL Independent Study

Bridget Barhight is working with Peter Chapin during Fall 2014 on an independent study related to OpenCL. The intention is for her to ultimately write a small library of parallel algorithms and data structures based on the system. OpenCL is a cross platform interface for parallel programming that allows one to write parallel programs that […]

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Welcome to the CIS Home Page!

Welcome to the new CIS home page. We in the department hope to make this a dynamic site that is frequently updated with new and interesting content. Watch especially the Events page and this blog for information about departmental issues as they unfold. Be aware that this blog is editable by all the faculty in […]

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